AEP Marine Parts Products

e2v technologies manufacture a broad range of receiver protectors in all radar frequency bands from 1.25 to 40 GHz. The high power waveguide devices specified below are divided into two categories:

  1. Solid state receiver protectors that normally require synchronous bias during transmission; additional passive protection can often be included
  2. Passive limiters that require no external bias

Extra options for your limiter

PIN switches can be supplied:

  • with or without electronic drive circuit
  • with drive circuit and built-in test (BIT)
  • with quasi-active circuits fot interpulse protection
  • with pre-TR tubes for high peak power fault conditions
  • with phase and amplitude matching

All solid-state receiver protectors can be supplied with the following options:

  • additional filtering to attenuate spurious transmissions or extend protection range
  • precision dynamic attenuation (STC), digital or analogue
  • solid-state noise generators for inter-pulse performance monitoring