AEP Marine Parts Products

e2v technologies manufacture Ferrite Devices operation from 350 MHz to 120 GHz, for a wide variety of applications from low cost marine radar to state-of-the-art military devices. Standard units are available in regular waveguide sizes and some special sizes.

e2v technologies offer circulators and isolators as stand-alone units and also as part of an integrated microwave package. They all come with the assurance that e2v technologies have facilities to power test units, giving confidence in all devices.

Guide your signal to transmitter or antenna

You can use the circulator to prevent a mix-up of the signals. The operation of a circulator can be compared to a revolving door with three entrances and one mandatory rotating sense. A microwave signal entering via one specific entrance follows the prescribed rotating sense and has to leave the circulator via the next exit. If an antenna is in a connection, transmitting energy is always escorted to the antenna while the echo signals always find the way to the receiver.