Water Covers

Our range of Water Covers suitable for Display and Panel Computer products (where applicable).

Type NumberDescriptionSuitable forRequest an offer
JH 15TWC STD-A1Water coverJH 15T03 STD
JH 15T03 MMD
JH 15T05 STD
JH 15T05 MMD
JH 15T15 MMD
JH 15T17 MMD
JH 15T17 MMC
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JH 19TWC STD-B1Water coverJH 19T02 MMD HW01
JH 19T02 MMC HW01
JH 19T12 MMD
JH 19T14 STD
JH 19T14 MMD
JH 19T14 MMC
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JH 19TWC STD-C1Water coverJH 19T14 MMD (slim frame)Request an offer
JH 20TWC STD-B1Water coverJH 20T03 MMD
JH 20T03 MIL
JH 20T06 MMD
HM 20T07 MIL
HM 20T07 MIL-H
JH 20T17 MMD
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JH 22TWC STD-A1Water coverJH 22T11 MMDRequest an offer
JH 23TWC STD-A1Water coverJH 23T02 MMD
JH 23T02 MIL
JH 23T12 MMD
JH 23T14 MMD
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