GEN4 X-Band Magnetrons

One of our key products are the new GEN 4 magnetrons. They are available in 4, 6 and 10kW and designed to meet new IMO requirements on spurious frequencies. GEN 4 offers the latest magnetron technology, not only to service new radars, but also to service older equipment.

One model to fit them all

The new GEN 4 magnetron can be installed in almost any radar using the same kW output because of its compact design.
If the footprint is different, you can use the simple adapter plate. The magnetron is so light that it can be fitted directly on the circulator without additional support.

Advantages GEN 4

Some of the advantages of the GEN 4 magnetrons are:

  • Fully compatible with GEN 2 and GEN 3 magnetrons;
  • Smaller outline than the outline of GEN 2 and GEN 3 magnetrons, avoiding¬†replacements that do not fit;
  • Mostly a better performance of the GEN 4 magnetron when compared to the original GEN 3 magnetron;
  • No need to keep a wide range of models in stock, because one of each 4-, 6- or 10kW model can service almost every 4-, 6- or 10kW radar;
  • Replaces almost any other magnetron with the same output, using adapter plate A or B.

Performance and application

When choosing for a new generation magnetrons for radar systems, important issues are: the performance of the and how you can adapt this magnetron in your radar system.

TypeFrequency (MHz)Power (kW)DatasheetRequest an offer
MG40049380 - 94404DatasheetRequest an offer
MG40069380 - 94406DatasheetRequest an offer
MG40109380 - 944012.5DatasheetRequest an offer
9M302/MG40049380 - 94404Request an offer
9M302/MG40069380 - 94406Request an offer
9M602/MG40109380 - 944012.5Request an offer
E3540/MG40069380 - 94406Request an offer
E3560/MG40069380 - 94406Request an offer
E3571/MG40049380 - 94404Request an offer
MG5232/MG40069380 - 94406Request an offer
MG5232F/MG40069380 - 94406Request an offer
MG5238A/MG40049380 - 94404Request an offer
MG5241/MG40109380 - 944012.5Request an offer
MG5241F/MG40109380 - 944012.5Request an offer
MG5244/MG40109380 - 944012.5Request an offer
MG5245/MG40109380 - 944012.5Request an offer
MG5248/MG40049380 - 94404Request an offer
MG5251/MG40049380 - 94404Request an offer
MG5257/MG40109380 - 944012.5Request an offer
MG5388/MG40049380 - 94404Request an offer
MG5388C/MG4004C9380 - 94404Request an offer
MG5388S/MG40049380 - 94404Request an offer
MG5389/MG40069380 - 94406Request an offer
MG5473/MG40109380 - 944012.5Request an offer