PVPro - Wall mounted pod

Alfatronix USB chargers can be installed in a variety of positions on the vehicle.  The Wall Mounting Pod provides a neat and attractive method for making on-wall installations.  These can be the general method used on some vehicles or can be used simply for open areas such as priority seating positions or for applications where many passengers are standing.  The slim dimensions of the USB chargers mean that wall mounting using this method is simple and unobtrusive.

Wiring can be routed through from the wall cavity or via conduit from the floor  There is space inside the pod for the connections and an in-line fuse (we recommend Alfatronix P/N: USB-FUSE2A) so installation can be quick and simple.

The screw positions are the same as for the Underseat Pod, so if these have been previously used on the wall, they can be effortlessly changed for this more attractive wall mounted version.

The kit is supplied with mounting screws (2 x 4.8 x 16mm pozi pan head screws) and these can be covered over with protective covers for an attractive and tamper-proof finish.

The Wall Mounted Pod is moulded from dark grey glass-filled polycarbonate (RAL colour 7016) which is durable and scuff resistant.

Part NumberWall Mounted Pod for USB ChargersDimensions (mm)Weight (g)
USB-WPODWall mounted Pod for USB Chargers76 x 61 x 3422
USB-FUSE2AIn-line Fuse135 x 8 x 75