AD Series


The desktop power supplies, popularly called the “wedge” due to its distinctive, ergonomically friendly shape, offer a convenient way to convert 12Vdc mobile radio transceivers for use as desktop base stations. They will operate from AC supplies, either 115V or 230V without manual adjustment and output up to 108W (9Amps).


The AD Series Desktop Power Supplies include a battery back up output as standard. This can be connected to maintain charge in a lead acid battery to supply power in the event of a mains failure. As a neat alternative to a loose battery, Alfatronix also supply a battery back up box, P/N AD BBB. This is designed to fit underneath the desktop supply and radio assembly and includes a 7Ah lead acid gel battery, presenting all three components as one tidy desktop assembly.
The battery back up box also includes a speaker (mounted on the front of the unit) for those wishing to use hands free radio operation).

BrandTypeModelRequest an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMMTM5400 TetraRequest an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMMTM800 TetraRequest an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMPRO3100Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMPRO5100Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMPRO7100Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMGM340Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMGM640Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMGM350Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMGM360Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMGM660Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMGM380Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMDM 1400/DM1600Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMDM2600Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMDM3400/DM3401Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMDM3600/DM3601Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMDM4400/DM4401Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-3100/DMDM4600/DM4601Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-CMCM-140Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-CMCM-160Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-CMCM-340Request an offer
MotorolaAD MT-CMCM-360Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-762TK-760Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-762TK-860Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-762TK-762Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-762TK-780Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-762TK-880Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-762TK-980Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-762TK-981Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7102HNX-700/800Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7102HTK-7302/8302Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7102HTK-7180Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7102HTK-7189ERequest an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7102HTK-8180Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7102HTK-8189ERequest an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7102HTK-7360/8360Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7160TK-7160Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7160TK-7162Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7160TK-8160Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7160TK-8162Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7160TK-7102Request an offer
KenwoodAD KW TK-7160TK-8102Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F310IC-F310sRequest an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F310IC-F410sRequest an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F310IC-F310Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F310IC-F410Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F310IC-F510Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F310IC-F610Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F310IC-F320sRequest an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F310IC-F420sRequest an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F310IC-F320Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F310IC-F420Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F310IC-F520Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F1700IC-F1710Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F1700IC-F2710Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F1700IC-F1810Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F1700IC-F2810Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F1010IC-F1010Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F1010IC-F2010Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F1010IC-F1020Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F1010IC-F2020Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F1010IC-F1610Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F1010IC-F2610Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F1010IC-A110 EuroRequest an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F110Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F110SRequest an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F210Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F210SRequest an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F5022Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F6022Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F121/IC-F121SRequest an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F221/ICF221SRequest an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F111/IC-F111SRequest an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F211/IC-F211SRequest an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F5122Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F6122Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F5012Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F110IC-F6012Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F5062IC-F5062Request an offer
ICOMAD IC IC-F5062IC-F6062Request an offer
TAITAD TA-8000TM8105Request an offer
TAITAD TA-8000TM8110Request an offer
TAITAD TA-8000TM8105Request an offer
TAITAD TA-8000TM8250Request an offer
TAITAD TA-8000TM8255Request an offer
TAITAD TA-8000TM9300Request an offer
TAITAD TA-8000TM9400Request an offer
Yaesu/VertexAD VS VX-2200VX2200E/2100ERequest an offer
Yaesu/VertexAD VS VX-4500VX-4500/4600Request an offer
Yaesu/VertexAD VS VX-4500EVX-5300/5400/5600Request an offer
Yaesu/VertexAD VS FP-2500VX-2000VRequest an offer
Yaesu/VertexAD VS FP-2500VX-2000URequest an offer
Yaesu/VertexAD VS FP-2500FP-2500ERequest an offer
Yaesu/VertexAD VS VX-4104VS-4104-0-50Request an offer
Yaesu/VertexAD VS VX-4104VX4100ERequest an offer
Yaesu/VertexAD VS VX-4104VX4200ERequest an offer
MaxonAD MX PM160PM100Request an offer
MaxonAD MX PM160PM160Request an offer
UniversalAD UN UNICleartoneRequest an offer
UniversalAD UN UNIHytera TM 800Request an offer
UniversalAD UN UNISimocoRequest an offer
UniversalAD UN UNISepuraRequest an offer
Nokia EADSAD NK EA-TMR880TMR880Request an offer
Nokia EADSAD NK EA-TMR880iTMR880iRequest an offer
Nokia EADSAD NK EA-TMR880iTMR880i remote headRequest an offer
NovelAD NR-M400NM-60-100Request an offer
NovelAD NR-M400NM-60-400Request an offer
HyteraAD HYT TM 600TM 600Request an offer
HyteraAD HYT TM 600TM 610Request an offer
HyteraAD HYT 785MD 785Request an offer
HyteraDifferent screw kitsMT 680Request an offer
HyteraDifferent screw kitsMD652/MD652GRequest an offer
HyteraAD HYT MD655MD655/MD655GRequest an offer
SepuraAD SP 8000SBM800/SCM8000/SEM8000Request an offer