VHF Antennas

Your VHF antenna up to 6 meters long. Good quality and quickly available.

Our advice

Many marine companies use the MP4 antenna, because of:

  • the wide frequency  bandwidth;
  • the wide applicability;
  • mounting nut which is included.
TypeLength (m)Gain (dB)IncludingFrequency (MHz)ConnectorDatasheetRequest an offer
MP41.2031" Mounting nut144-163PL femaleDatasheetRequest an offer
MP411.2031" Mounting nut144-163N femaleDatasheetRequest an offer
MP431.203-144-163PL femaleDatasheetRequest an offer
MP471.203S/S Rail bracket
144 - 163PL femaleDatasheetRequest an offer
MP491.203-118-136PL femaleDatasheetRequest an offer
MP3 - 5/82.5061" Mounting nut156-163PL femaleDatasheetRequest an offer
MP2M-5/81.303-156-160SP239Request an offer
MPVHF3000.250Stainless steel L-bracket156-16318 m RG-58Request an offer
MPVHF3010.250N connector flange156-1636.60 m cable RG-58Request an offer
MPVHF300 Emergency0.2502 Rubber belts156.8
PL femaleRequest an offer
MPmar011.000Stand-off L-bracket156 - 163SO239 Female connectorRequest an offer
MPmar111.203Stainless steel L-bracket149 - 163/Request an offer
MPmar211.503Stainless steel L-bracket156 - 163/Request an offer
MPmar312.706-156 - 163/Request an offer
MPVHF1701.706Mast mount clamp bracket146 - 163N-FemaleRequest an offer
MPVHF2702.709Mast mount clamp bracket146 - 163N-FemaleDatasheetRequest an offer

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