NEW; Proudly we present our 4G MPGSM6 Antenna!09 Dec 2016

We supplied the AEP 5-Band GSM antenna for a variety of projects and refits. As technology keeps improving all the time, some good things have to be improved which includes our MPGSM5 antenna.

Nowadays we experience a high demand for 4G frequency antennas, therefore we couldn’t stay behind.
We’ve upgraded our 5-Band GSM antenna and added a sixth band which covers the similar frequencies as the 5-Band GSM antenna the 4G frequency.

The MPGMS6-Band Antenna will cover the following frequencies:

  • USA       GSM      806-900 MHz
  • EUR       GSM      840-960 MHz
  • DCS       1900     1710-1880 MHz
  • PCS       1900      1850-1990 MHz
  • UMTS                  1920-2170 MHz
  • 4G                       2170-2690 MHz

To review all specifications of the MPGSM6 antenna please see our datasheet.