5.6″ Multi-Function Display with NMEA Multiplexer.


  • Can accept most major NMEA0183 sentences
  • Provides 5 input ports and 2 output ports
  • 6 display modes show the input NMEA0183 sentences in digital and graphic modes.
  • Mix and combine all 5 input NMEA0183 sentences into 2 outputs
  • Weather alarm mode monitors the change of weather temperature and air pressure
  • 4 input ports are opto-isolated
  • 6” display
  • Illuminated Keypad
  • SD card slot for future function

NMEA0183 Multiplexer

Designed to display several functions in a compact 6” display and allows all data within KMR-6 to be interfaced to other marine equipment. KMR-6 supports up to 5 NMEA0183 inputs and 2 NMEA0183 outputs (mixed output from all 5 ports to be interfaced to other units on board).

Functions supported

  • Wind: displays relative and true wind speed and direction
  • Compass: displays COG (or heading) both in digital and analog form
  • Weather: monitors the change of air pressure and weather temperature
  • Highway screen: displays navigation information input from external GPS navigator
  • Gauges: displays COG, speed, depth and input power voltages in the form of analog gauges
  • AIS: displays AIS targets on the radar screen. Distance of AIS targets and TCPA alarm can also be set on this screen

Optional Accessory


  • Leisure
  • Commercial
  • Passenger