Navigational Echo Sounder with Memory Storage and Recall of Depth data.


  • IMO MSC.74(64) compliant
  • Data recall
    • Memory storage and recall of depth data that lasts for 24 hours
    • Logbook mode shows time, depth and own ship position in tubular form in a pop-up window
    • 15 minute depth data history can be viewed at any range scale
    • Memory storage and recall data via SD card
    • PC software is provided for analyzing the history depth data with date and time
  • Interface
    • NMEA0183 interface for RADAR, VDR, ECDIS and other navigational equipment
  • Auto mode
    • Automatic function automatically selects the proper gain, range scale and clutter level according to depth
  • Customized screen modes for simplified presentation of graphs and data
  • No papers / No consumables


Display: 10,4-inch TFT LCD display
Transmitter: 600W
Frequency: 50 kHz or 200 kHz (specify when ordering)
Minimum depth detection: 1.5 m (200 kHz) and 2.0m (50 kHz)

Optional accessories


  • Fishery
  • Commercial