7-inch Color Digital Fish Finder.


  • Digital sounding technology
    • Eliminates all noise and interference
    • Excellent sea bed discrimination
  • Fish marks
    • Calculates and displays the size of fish and school of fishes automatically
  • Zoom modes
    • For better seabed discrimination and analysis in any water depth
  • Sonar sound
    • A feature that allows the user to determine when there is a fish or school of fishes beneath your boat and also determine the size by alarming a sound
    • The sound may be customized to change in sonar tone depending on the size of the fish
    • A tone may also be customized to enable the user to know when there are objects such as garbage below your boat

                                Fish size calculator                                                     Sonar Sound



Display: 7-inches
Frequency: Dual (50 kHz and 200 kHz alternately transmitted)
Power: 600W transceiver


  • Fishery
  • Leisure

Optional accessories

* KFish-7 upgrade available

Users of ONWA KFish-7 can use a special software by Titan Navigation that will provide realtime seabed hardness mapping in 2D and 3D for better seabed discrimination.

Titan Navigation software programs for KFish-7:

  • Tidal current overlay
  • Seabed hardness mapping in 2D and 3D
  • Realtime seabed mapping