Marine autopilot system.


  • Dialing knob for easy course change
  • Silver bright LCD display 4,5-inch
  • Illuminated keypad
  • Compatible with different vessel sizes
  • Compatible with different steering system (Solenoid, Reversing motor, etc.)
  • Navigate with designed route of GPS Navigator using NAV Mode
  • Designed  to have  up to three remote steering positions (by: dialing knob, remote and electric helm)

Operation modes

  • Auto mode: Hands free navigation with set course
  • NAV mode: Navigates with designed route input from external GPS device
  • F-up mode: Steering boat by moving the rudder to a desired angle with the dialing knob

Heading input

  • Fluxgate Compass (for wooden & fiberglass boats) – KFG-25
  • Compass Top Sensor (for metal boats) – KCS-20
  • Digital Compass input from GPS Compass and Gyro Compass (for metal boats) KGN-200 & KEC-30G


  • Commercial
  • Leisure
  • Fishery

Extended Features