AIS MOB (Man-Over-Board).


  • Easy retrieval of man over board
  • Increase safety on board
  • Long battery life
  • Other features

Easy retrieval of man over board

In case of man over board, once the unit is activated, all vessels nearby will be alerted on the position of the MOB until acknowledged.
A signal will be transmitted and will be send to all nearby vessels with AIS built on their boat within the range, rescue and recovery will be a bliss with this technology.

increase safety on board

Beneficial to passenger vessels on boarding tourists, seaman, coast guards, seafarers and such. KS-33R is designed to be carried by individual crew members, tourists and used in the event of man over board situation or other personal emergency.

Long battery life

KS-33R has 7 years battery life and once activated it has a minimum 24-hour continuous operation.

Other features

  • Unique serialized number
  • Led indicator
  • Comes with a buzzer