Marine Parts

03 Apr

New Victron Energy products!

New MPPT model 250/100 and 250/85

When the light intensity is changing continuously these models are the best choice. The new ultra-fast MPPT controllers improve energy harvest by up to 30% in comparison to PWM charge controllers.

Quattro now coming with 15kVa

This new model has a continuous output power of 15kVA at 25°C. Save the space and cost with this new Quattro while keeping the large output which had to be solved by paralleling smaller units.

Skylla-IP44 marine charger

With an IP44 rating the Skylla-IP44 charger can withstand the ingress of solid foreign objects and splashing water. It can also better withstand the rigours of the marine environment such as heat, humidity and salt air.

28 Feb

Hatteland Display Releases New Large Format 4K Screen for ECDIS and Bridge System Applications

Nedre Vats, Norway, 16 February 2017 – Hatteland Display, the leading global provider of display and computer solutions for professional maritime use has expanded its next generation Series X Multi Vision Display (MVD) range with the addition of a new state-of-the-art, Ultra High Definition large format model for integration on maritime bridge systems. The new 32” Series X MVD features the same 4K screen resolution and high-end panel technology as the flagship Series X 55” Ultra High Definition Chart & Planning table.

Like Hatteland Display’s flagship 55” 4K model, the new 32” Series X MVD provides unmatched viewing clarity in all light conditions. Its ultramodern approach represents the pinnacle of maritime display technology, making it the most advanced platform for the development of a new generation of sophisticated, function rich and user-friendly bridge technologies that demand only the best display solutions to ensure increased navgational safety and effeciency on the bridge.  With Ultra High Definition resolution and superior brightness and contrast, the cutting-edge LED display technology used in the 32” Series X MVD enables the presentation of large amounts multi-application data on a single screen instead of multiple displays. This enables technology developers and systems integrators to streamline console designs and make operation of their complex vessel control solutions easier, while reducing installation costs and improving reliability by using fewer overall components for bridge system development.

Approved for harsh maritime environments where reliability and long life time are key factors, the new 32” Series X MVD display is a robust, flexible and ergonomic solution, suitable for a wide range of bridge applications including ECDIS, radar, voyage planning, safety systems and tactical command & control platforms. Features include console or bracket mounting, an optional 40 point Multi-touch touch interface, optical bonding, multi-data input, built in On-Screen Display (OSD) and full dimming.

09 Dec

NEW; Proudly we present our 4G MPGSM6 Antenna!

We supplied the AEP 5-Band GSM antenna for a variety of projects and refits. As technology keeps improving all the time, some good things have to be improved which includes our MPGSM5 antenna.

Nowadays we experience a high demand for 4G frequency antennas, therefore we couldn’t stay behind.
We’ve upgraded our 5-Band GSM antenna and added a sixth band which covers the similar frequencies as the 5-Band GSM antenna the 4G frequency.

The MPGMS6-Band Antenna will cover the following frequencies:

  • USA       GSM      806-900 MHz
  • EUR       GSM      840-960 MHz
  • DCS       1900     1710-1880 MHz
  • PCS       1900      1850-1990 MHz
  • UMTS                  1920-2170 MHz
  • 4G                       2170-2690 MHz

To review all specifications of the MPGSM6 antenna please see our datasheet.